Electronic Communication-Solution

ReleaseTime : 2020.06.15

      The main loads of the electronics factory are placement machines, lithography machines, wave soldering and assembly lines, etc.; the main loads of the communications industry are generally switches, air conditioners and fans. Since the load is mainly on the low-voltage side, small and medium-sized enterprises generally use 10kV power input. Some large-scale enterprises may also use 35kV power input to distribute electrical energy to various electrical loads through secondary step-down or direct distribution power supply. The electronic communication industry has high requirements for power quality, and voltage fluctuations or harmonics have a greater impact on the yield rate, especially short-term voltage interruptions will bring greater economic losses to enterprises.  


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    Product Solution  

 Construction, Installation, Inspection, EPC, Management,   Maintenance 

 ABB12-245kV cable accessories 

 Smart Distribution 

 SZPW High Frequency Switch 

 SAMA System 

 STM   Communication management  

 SPAD   Partial discharge monitoring  

 Digital Management 

 SACM   Circuit breaker mechanical characteristic monitoring device   

 SAID    Intelligent Dehumidification Device   

 SAWE   passive wireless temperature system   

 HSVG High Voltage Statcom 

 LIMC Hybrid smart compensation 

 LVCT dynamic compensation 

 LVAF active harmonic filter device 

 LVSC Voltage Stabilizer 


 Power Quality 

 SPQ   Power Quality Online Monitoring Device 

 SLC   Power Factor Controller 

 SR   Dry type Iron Reactor 

 SC   Self-healing shunt capacitor 

 SVGM   Static Var Generator(SVG) 

 APFM   APFM Active Power Filter(APF)   


  • Shenzhen Unicom Pingshan IDC Computer Room Project
  • Power Distribution Project of Communication Room of Jiangxi Public Security Command Center
  • Shanghai Amkor Packaging and Testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. project
  • Bourne High-tech (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. F3 line high voltage power distribution room project
  • Dalian intel Red Sea Phase II Project PFCC
  • Hefei Royalstar Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. 35kV Substation Project
  • Shajing Jinghua Electronics Factory Reconstruction Project
  • Chongqing Chuanyi General Factory Co., Ltd.
  • Test Center Project of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
  • Dalian intel Red Sea Phase II Project
  • Anhui Rixin Photovoltaic Technology Power Supply and Distribution Project
  • Midea Electric
  • Wanjia Appliances Group Co., Ltd. Power Supply and Distribution Project
  • Power Supply and Distribution Project of Qingdao Shenzhou Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Wuhan Xinxin 12-inch Integrated Circuit Production Line Project Phase II Project
  • Big Data Industrial Park Decoration Project Phase II Mechanical and Electrical General Contracting Project
  • Power Supply and Distribution Project of Shenzhen Naier Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Eric New Energy Co., Ltd. 35kV Substation Project