SEK Series Vacuum Contactor

SEK intelligent permanent magnet vacuum contactor has the characteristics of energy saving, material saving, fireproof, explosion-proof, small size, long life, low maintenance cost, reliable operation and no pollution.

It is widely used in the control and protection of power transmission and distribution systems in the fields of electric power, machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, railway, broadcasting, communications, and transportation. 


  • Sanhe SEK intelligent permanent magnet vacuum contactor, as a new generation of medium voltage vacuum contactor, is fitted a permanent magnet mechanism to close/open the dynamic and static contacts of the vacuum interrupter in a direct motion. SEK intelligent permanent magnet vacuum contactor can be widely used in the three-phase AC system below 12kV and rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz where multiple opening and closing operation cycles are required, and it is especially suitable for users who operate frequently.

SEK intelligent permanent magnet vacuum contactor adopts a wide-voltage, high-efficiency and reliable electronic control module, and uses STM32 mainstream chips inside. It has the characteristics of fast response to closing and opening, LED indication for closing and opening, and alarm auxiliary contact output.

Main features of SEK intelligent permanent magnet vacuum contactor are as follows:

maintenance free

reliable vacuum technology

frequent operation support

monostable permanent magnet actuator

long electrical and mechanical life

wide voltage power supply module

small closure value

compact structure

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