SVGM Static Var Generator(SVG)

        used as comprehensive power quality improvement for power distribution system transformers side, which have the functions of power compensation, harmonic control and three phase unbalance governance simultaneously. Compared with conventional capacitor compensation scheme, it is precise, two-way, fast reactive power compensation capabilities, and to eliminate the risk of capacitive system harmonics; Compared with the traditional SVG program, it can resolve the problem of harmonic and reactive power. It is equipped with high quality power factor controller SGC . The Wall Mounted type is preferred to be used in equipment improvement which is very convenient to install.


  • Static var generator (SVG) is also called static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) is a high power inverter, dynamic reactive power compensation device based on, using a high power three-phase voltage type inverter, the output voltage by connecting the reactance access system, keeping the same frequency, phase and the system side voltage, by adjusting the output voltage 


  • Adopt the latest IGBT technology with a high switching frequency up to 35KHz
  • Quick responses and minimal thermal-and electric energy losses
  • Quickly responding DSP+FPGA processors control the platform.
  • SVGM series products adopt DSP full digital control systems, which can immediately respond to load changes
  • Unique spacious design for best thermal management.
  • Best-in-business three level topology that can better offset the current approach to the sine wave compared with aditional two-level inverters.


Model Guide

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Specification Sheet