Sanhe supplied HSVG in Qianhai air-conditioning system project

Release Time : 2022.02.28

        Sanhe Power Tech supplied two sets of 10kV HSVG in Qianhai air-conditioning system project which is world’s largest centralised air-conditioning systems.


         China’s southern city of Shenzhen is building one of the world’s largest centralised air-conditioning systems. The District Cooling System (DCS) is capable of supplying 400,000 Refrigeration Ton (RT) (1.4 mil kW) of cool air to shopping centres, offices and transport stations, covering 19 million square metres. The system, under construction in the free trade and economic development area of Qianhai, can save 130 million kilowatts of electricity every year, according to the company behind the system. Three of the 10 cooling stations planned have been completed, with seven more to be built over the next few years.


         HSVG series of high voltage Static Var Generator is the ideal solution for small and medium reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression, which uses instantaneous reactive power theory, PWM pulse width modulation technology, multi-core parallel processing technology. It can adjust all the range of reactive power from the output capacitive to inductive limitlessly. It can increase the grid stability fastest, increase output power capacity, eliminate the impact of reactive power, harmonic filter, and balance three-phase power grid HSVG static reactive generating device is suitable for 35 kV and below voltage level of the power supply network.