the visit of switchgear master, Germany's DECOM president Mr. Guenter Leonhardt

Release Time : 2019.05.09

On March 20th, 2019, in the spring capital of innovation - Shenzhen,  Sanhe Power Tech(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ushered in the global medium-voltage switchgear master, Germany's DECOM president Mr. Guenter Leonhardt.

Accompanied by the management of our company, Mr. Guenter Leonhardt visited our product development and trial production center, and focused on the detailed prototype and inquired about the prototype of the company's eco-friendly inflatable fully insulated ring unit cabinet and power distribution switchgear.  On the spot, Mr. Guenter Leonhardt and the product development team conducted a detailed discussion on the product design concept, electrical insulation and electrical connection design reliability of the product prototype, and expressed high recognition of the company's product R&D design work. Mr. Guenter Leonhardt also proposed an optimization solution for product design to reduce costs and improve performance, which laid a solid foundation for the future market competitiveness of our products.

During the company's production workshop, Mr. Guenter Leonhardt visited the medium-voltage reactive power compensation unit (HVCA, HVCR, HVC) of the Pakistan Cement Project with interest, the intelligent three-phase unbalance adjustment device for China Southern Power Grid and other standard products like active filter module and other related power quality products (APF, SVG, SUDR, SUAR). Mr. Guenter Leonhardt praised our company's long-term product development and technological innovation after a detailed understanding of the product's performance and features.

Born in Germany, Mr. Guenter Leonhardt has long been engaged in the research and development of ABB's German Calor-Emag medium voltage switch product technology, and has the reputation of "the father of ABB medium voltage switch and vacuum circuit breaker".

"It is no wonder that friends come from afar."

At the end of the trip, Mr. Guenter Leonhardt was pleased to take a photo with the company's management and keep this good forever. I wish the old man a long and healthy life.