After-sales service commitment

Release Time : 2017.11.27

1. If there are any damage, defect or fault caused by product defect of design, manufacture and material in operation, we will provide high quality service after receiving the request.

2, If other reasons, the seller should actively assist in providing the necessary technical support and maintenance instruments to solve the problem.

3, During the equipment installation and commissioning, the seller should actively provide technical guidance and support, meanwhile actively cooperate with the purchase of major parts and 

accessories;Per clients request,we can provide one-stop product customer service by on-site technician service from the beginning to the end,including technical service and support, product installation, commissioning until the device put into operation.(The charge is regulated on the contract ).

4, The seller should set up the product quality traceable file system which can effectively track the quality and product lifelong quality service.

5, The quality warranty of the contract equipment covering design, material or production process defects is 12months from issued date of quality of provisional acceptance certificate.During the warranty period,we promise”three guarantees”including maintainence guarantee, replacement guarantee and return guarantee.

6, If the equipment is upgraded during the period of usage, the supplier should provide technical support, training for free, and upgraded components at preferential prices.

7, If some component of equipment (product) is out of production during the period of usage, the seller should provide spare parts or substitutes at preferential prices

8, While providing main equipment ,the seller should provide other maintenance  instruments not limiting special tools.

9, The buyer adopts zero inventory management, the seller should provide a certain number of spare parts, accessories, maybe deposit.