Power Grid-Solution

ReleaseTime : 2020.09.14

         From generation to consumption, electric energy goes through five links: power generation, transmission, transformation, power distribution, and electricity consumption. Generally, the larger the machine assembly capacity, the higher the generator outlet voltage. In the transmission and distribution link, the current highest AC voltage level in my country is 1000kV (Changzhi-Jingmen line), and the highest DC voltage level is ±800kV (Xiangjiaba-Shanghai, Jinping-Sunan UHV DC). 500kV, 330kV, 220kV, 110kV, 66kV, 35kV, 10kV, 380/220V, of which 60kV is left over due to historical reasons and only exists in northeast my country. Generally, voltage lines above 35kV are called transmission lines, and voltage lines below 35kV are called distribution lines. 



  Product Solution  

  Construction, Installation, Inspection, EPC, Management,     Maintenance  

  ABB12-245kV cable accessories  

  SZPW High Frequency Switch  

  SDUR Three phase unbalance regulator w.cables  

  Smart Distribution  

  SF6 Gas Insulated RMU 

 Environment-friendly Nitrogen Insulated RMU SUAR  

  Three-phase Unbalance Load Automatic Regulator Device  


  SAMA System  

  STM     Communication management machine  

  SPAD     Partial discharge monitoring device  

  Digital Management  

  SACM     Circuit breaker mechanical characteristic monitoring 

  SAID      Intelligent Dehumidification Device      

  SAWE     passive wireless temperature system      

  LVCM Low Voltage Module Type Reactive Power Compensation Device  

  LVCT dynamic compensation  

  LVAF active harmonic filter device  


  Power Quality  

  SPQ     Power Quality Online Monitoring Device  

  SLC     Power Factor Controller  

  SR     Dry type Iron Reactor  

  SC     Self-healing shunt capacitor  

  SVGM     Static Var Generator(SVG)  

  APFM     APFM Active Power Filter(APF)      


  • Datang Wangtan Power Plant
  • Datang Weishui Power Plant
  • Yangzi Petrochemical Thermal Power Plant
  • Jiangsu Shuiduo 10kV Power Dedicated Line Project
  • Chiwan Central Switch Station Project
  • China Railway 14th Bureau Dongguan Switching Station
  • Opening and Closing Station of Jiangsu Nanjing Power Supply Company
  • Chiwan West Station Section II Reconstruction Project
  • Guangdong Foshan Cuihu Oasis Garden Phase II #6 Substation
  • The first phase of comprehensive investigation and remediation of hidden dangers of old electrical safety in Luohu District
  • Newly built 110 kV Zhanggang substation connection project
  • Changle Company's new 110kV West District Transformation Ring Network Cabinet Project
  • Beijing No. 8 Water Plant Niulanshan Water Source Power Supply and Distribution System Project
  • No. 3 Public Transformation Project of Hedong Village, Dongshan Power Supply Station, Qilin Power Supply Bureau
  • Reconstruction project of Fujian Luoyuan County Power Supply Company
  • The second phase of the comprehensive investigation and remediation of hidden dangers of old electrical safety in Luohu District
  • Liaoning Lihe Electromechanical Installation Co., Ltd.
  • Energy-saving optimization technology transformation project of power distribution system in Chuanwei Power Plant
  • Boluo County Xinchuang Power Project