SHVSF high voltage soft starter

SHVSF series high voltage solid soft starter (hereinafter referred to as soft starter) is a high voltage motor soft starter designed with up-to-date concept,and mainly applicable to the control of and protection for the starting and stopping of squirrel-cage type asynchronous and synchronous motors.The starter is composed of several thyristor in series-parallel,and it can meet different current and voltage requirements.


  • The Product is widely used in electric industry with rated voltage 3000 to 10000 V, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, steel and paper-making industries etc.. And can perform well if used together with various kinds of electromechanical devices including water pumps,fans,compressors, crashes, agitators and conveyer belt etc..It is the ideal device for starting and protecting high voltage motors.


    ◇ With voltage ramp, sudden jump voltage slope, current- limiting slope, other starting modes and free, voltage deceleration and other parking control modes to meet all operating conditions needs;

    ◇ 7 inch color LCD touch screen HMI , intuitive and clear display, simple and convenient operation;

    ◇ High-performance digital processor, powerful, responsive, with excellent self-diagnosis analysis, comprehensive data acquisition calculations, perfect component-level and system-level protection functions and rich field industrial communication interface;

    The primary and secondary circuits of power semiconductors are designed with modular structure, which achieves compact design while ensuring thermal performance, saving space and maintenancefree;

    ◇ The control and trigger system adopts photoelectric and electromagnetic isolation with the features of strong anti-jamming ability, good trigger synchronization and reliable operation.

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