Sanhe Power(Shenzhen)Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a national high-tech enterprise based in Shenzhen. It takes power distribution Internet of Things switches, power distribution network safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving product technology as its core to provide customers with continuous Power Internet of Things switchgear and distribution network automation solutions, power quality comprehensive management solutions, power engineering general contracting and substation digital operation and maintenance solutions, and provide integrated energy management integrated solutions.

Ellumi-3 type SF6 gas-filled and fully insulated RMU load switch, vacuum circuit breaker and its isolating switch are completely enclosed in a stainless steel airtight box, and the load switch is SF6. Gas arc extinguishing, vacuum circuit breaker adopts vacuum arc extinguishing; Cable connection adopts fully insulated touch plug connector, and transformer adopts fully insulated structure.

SAMS digital managment system  establishes a unified monitoring platform, quickly collects key data in the operation of power equipment, and monitors  in the entire substation and distribution system. Real-time monitoring of operating status, including remote measurement, remote signaling, remote control (part of the loop), and event recording etc.

Under the premise of sufficient supply, power quality problems have become increasingly prominent, mainly manifested in power factor, harmonics, three-phase unbalance, voltage fluctuations and flicker.

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